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Security Upgrades


Security Upgrades

We don't just install new CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter/Electric fencing, Intrusion alarm systems, we carry out a vast amount of existing security systems upgrades on a daily basis to all makes and models of systems.

We also provide a partial or full repairs service on all manufacturers products, even for systems installed by other companies. If your system is getting a little outdated, then allow us to give you expert advice on bringing it all up to date.
Because a security system is only as good as its functions and the areas of your premises it protects, It’s important to ensure that your system remains up to the task of securing your property. We can carry out upgrades to virtually all makes and models of CCTV, Access Control, Perimeter/Electric fencing, Intruder alarm and Specialist systems, regardless of the age or if the system was professionally installed or a DIY install.

Upgrading your existing security system is a simple process and is done with minimal disruption. For example; If maybe a building extension has completed or an additional black-spot area needs coverage, you will need to upgrade your system to ensure maximum protection.

The most common choice of upgrade in Intrusion alarms is the installation of Anti-masking detectors, Speech Auto/GSM dialers.

CCTV Surveillance upgrades would involve installation of 600-700 TVL resolution cameras from 380-480 TVLs, D1 H264 recorders instead of MPEG CIF recorders, increasing storage capacity with more than 2Tb hard disks etc.
Please contact us to confirm some of the products and manufacturers we can support.






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