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User Manual, warranty card, necessary parts for connecting panel

Function Introduction

Applicable to access controllers

WG2001.NET /WG2002.NET/ WG2004.NET/ WG2001/ WG2002 /WG2004

Can Control:

invalid break in alarm, long time unlocking alarm, intimidation break in alarm, unlocking linkage ouput, invalid card swiping alarm, integrated fire control alarm

Should pay attention to:

This enhanced Alarm Output and Integrated Fire Control Expansion Panel only can compat with the WG2000 series controller, and the software should be V6.6 or higher version.

Output and input :

4-way input and 4-way alarm output. You can specify which function to which door of the controled area .Can connect the fire control output, when fire signal received, doors in the controlled area will be open automatically, and fire alarm will be recorded.


Allow to change anti-intimidation password
Can set long time unclocking alarm time: 0-6000 seconds
Can set the time delay of each output from 0 to 6000 seconds

Access Control Video Server


Unit Size




Unit Packing Way



User Manual, warranty card


General introduction

Using TCP/IP communication, this device can connect with any type of monitor and surveillance cameras(with BNC interface).Through the access control management software, it can realize real-time video monitoring and can generate real-time photos and video when wiping cards, and these photos and video files will be stored in the computer. Then user can check those records later.


One video server can connect with one surveillance camera. The photos and video files captured are vary clear with high quality. The access control management software can support multiple video server operating at the same time.


The device does not contain the power, the power required from the purchaser, to taken from the access control power supply under the premise available.
To be used with V6.8 or above version.

Second Generation

As the second generation of video access control items, WG503 access control video serve can connect surveillance cameras also with TCP/IP communications.

Advantages and improvements:

More clear images to meet the deeds of professional users Customers ca choose their own variety of required cameras.( e.g. light filling, wide-angle. E With head, automatic focusing on, etc.) It designs more pretty,, decent and professional. The second-generation items need V6.8 or above version to use, not compatible with the first-generation items for the great change.


battery depletion protection

Protection for battery depletion, If the rechargeable battery exhausted, the battery will damage and obsolescence,If without the protection for exhaust ,will result in a critical state, invalid for read card ,power locked,user will locked up until the power supply runs out or reset.


With Charge and discharge function, can circumscribed battery with 7AH 12VDC to support 3-5 hours work with 1pc electronic lock ,1 pc card reader,1 pc controller .


Operating Voltage

12V DC

Operating Current

<300 mA

Input Signal


Output Mode


Adaptive network interface

support for 10M or 10M/100M adaptive network interface

Software (Access Control + Time & Attendances + Patrol )

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